How to store and manage the China seamless steel pipe products


1. The site or warehouse for storing China seamless steel pipe products should be in a clean and well-drained place, away from factories and mines that produce harmful gases or dust. Weeds and all sundries should be removed from the site where China seamless steel pipes are kept, so as to keep the steel clean.China seamless steel pipe products2. Do not stack together with acid, alkali, salt and cement, and other materials that are corrosive to China seamless steel pipe products in the warehouse. Different types of steel should be stacked separately to prevent confusion and corrosion caused by contact. The warehouse for storing China seamless steel pipe should be selected according to geographical conditions. Generally, an ordinary closed warehouse is used, that is, a warehouse with a roof, a wall, tight doors and windows, and a ventilation device.
3. Large China seamless steel pipe products, rails, large-diameter steel pipes, and forgings can be stacked in the open air. Small and medium steel bars, steel wires, China seamless steel pipe, and steel wire ropes can be stored in a well-ventilated material shed, but mats must be placed on the upper and lower sides of the steel pipes.