In 2017, Hebei's Foreign Trade Enterprises Recovered Steadily


123.jpg According to the statistics of shijiazhuang customs, in 2017, the foreign trade of our province ended two consecutive years of decline, and the total value of foreign trade was 337.58 billion yuan, up 9.7% from the same period last year. Among them, exports were 212.62 billion yuan, up 5.5%.Imports totaled 124.96 billion yuan, up 17.5%.

The import and export of special customs supervision and export is growing rapidly. In 2017, the general trade import and export of our province reached 301.24 billion yuan, up 6.8%.The processing trade was 23.71 billion yuan, up 10.7%. The import and export of RMB 5.8 billion yuan with special customs supervision increased by 2.7 times. Among them, the total import and export of shijiazhuang comprehensive bonded zone was 1.17 billion yuan, which exceeded the comprehensive bonded zone of caofeidian, and was the top of all special supervision areas in our province.

The EU is the largest trading partner of our province. In 2017, our province's imports and exports to the EU (28 countries) increased by 9.2% to 46.6 billion yuan. In addition, Australia, the United States, Russia, Brazil, Japan and India all achieved rapid growth.

The export of electromechanical products increased substantially. In 2017, the export of mechanical and electrical products of our province was 64.86 billion yuan, up by 19%.The export of new and high technology products (intersected with mechanical and electrical products) reached 14.76 billion yuan, up 18.1%.