In 2018, Hebei Province Plan To Reduce Steel Production Capacity By 6 Million Tons And Strive For 8 Million Tons


456.jpgThe reporter learned from provincial government news conference of "Comprehensive treatment of air pollution in autumn and winter, and resolutely win the battle of the blue sky in Hebei". This year, our province will insist on source control, the whole people co-governance, make 3 years operation plan of air pollution control scientifically, define schedule and roadmap, make all-out efforts to promote the key cities to "protect the bottom line and stand back ten", to ensure that air quality "changes every year, three years is effective".

This year, our province on the aspect of promoting key industries cutting overcapacity, plan to reduce steel production capacity by 6 million tons and strive for 8 million tons, eliminate backward thermal power production capacity of 500,000 kilowatts, reduce coal capacity is 10.62 million tons, shut down 19 coal mines, reduce cement production capacity 1.1 million tons, plate glass 5 million weight box, coke 5 million tons.

This year to continue promoting coal governance, steadily push forward coal electricity or gas generation, eliminate below 35 ZhengDun/hour and boiler, resolutely banned inferior coal, to speed up the main heavy polluting enterprises relocation, overhaul "messy" enterprise.