Hebei Is Working Out "Hebei Iron And Steel Industry Refined Action Plan"


timg_副本_副本.jpgAccording to China news reported. Ji yongjian, director of the raw materials industry department of hebei industry and informatization office, said Tuesday. The province will focus on accelerating the development of high-end high-quality steel, extending the chain of steel industry, improving industrial innovation capacity, carrying out intelligent manufacturing and promoting green development. We will comprehensively promote the supply-side structural reform of hebei's steel industry.

Ji yongjian said that he is currently studying “Hebei iron and steel industry refined action plan”. In the development of high-end high-quality steel, hebei will accelerate the development of new metallurgical materials such as 3D printing metal materials, high-purity vanadium oxide series, aerospace alloy materials, and vanadium functional materials. And will further improve the quality level and market share of high-end car boards and home appliances. Strive to achieve domestic leading level. Hebei will speed up the development of high-end products such as steel for energy use, steel for Marine engineering and steel for railways. And will continue to promote alternative import plans for steel products.