The International Pavilion Of Beijing International Horticultural Expo Connect Steel Flower Umbrella Together Into Flowers Sea


Beijing world expo.jpgOn April 24, workers lifted “flower umbrella” in construction site of the international pavilion of Beijing international horticultural expo.

At present, the construction of the 2019 Beijing world horticultural exposition (" Beijing world expo ") is proceeding smoothly. Among them, the international pavilion built by Beijing construction workers' construction group has begun to install the "flower umbrella". All the indoor floral umbrellas have been hoisted. The international pavilion with a total construction area of 22,000m2 is the largest building in the Beijing world garden area. It uses "flower umbrella" as the basic element. The "flower umbrella", consisting of steel columns and hanging steel beams, is connected to each other at the top petals. It supports the building as well as forms a roof like a sea of flowers.

During the Beijing expo, the international pavilion will serve as an indoor exhibition venue for participating countries, regions and horticultural organizations.

Take on the responsibility of “meeting friends from all directions according to plant and garden”.