Knowledge about Stainless Steel Elbow and Carbon Steel Elbow


In pipe system,elbow is used to change the pipe direction. Generally,there are 45°,90° and 180° widely used according the angle. In addition,60° and other angles elbow can be used if it is in demand.

1.Elbow’s connection mode

The ways of connecting elbow and pipe are welded pattern,flange pattern,thread pattern,socket welded and so on.


2.Elbow’s attentions

●Almost fittings are welded to pipes,so in order to improve the welding quality,we bevel the end of the pipe. This step is very strict:the wall thickness and angle must be within the specified range. The surface quality and mechanical properties of the elbow are basically the same as the pipe.

And in order to welding,the steel grade of the pipe fittings is the same as the pipe it connects.

●All pipes have to be treated by surface treatment,that is to remove iron oxide skin from internal and external surfaces,and then apply anti-corrosion paint.

For packaging requirements,elbows of small size,we use wooden case (about 1 cubic meter). This kind of case can contain 1 ton elbows. As for the big size elbow such as 24″,it must be contained singly.

●Another thing is the packing mark:size,steel grade,batch number,manufacturer's trademark and other mark if the customer demands.


3.Elbow’s term

Some words about elbow:reducing elbow, base elbow,long radius elbow,short radius elbow,long radius 180°elbow,Short radius180°elbow,side outlet elbow (right hand or left hand),double branch elbow,Stainless quick elbow,Stainless elbow,threaded elbow,quick elbow,socket welded elbow,threaded elbow.

Tips:how to distinguish elbow and bend?

R≤1.5D,it is elbow,R>1.5D,it is bend.