Classification of casing pipe


The casing pipe is a kind of large diameter pipe, which plays the role of fixed oil and gas oil well wall or well hole. Casing pipe is inserted into the hole and fixed with cement to prevent wellbore divide rock formation and collapse, and ensure drilling mud circulation flow, so as to drilling.


Different types of casing tube during oil extraction:

Surface layer petroleum casing pipe.

  • Protect drilling so that it is not polluted by shallow water and shallow gas.

  • Support wellhead equipment, and keep the other layers weight of the casing tube.

Technical oil casing pipe.

  • Separate the pressures of different levels. So that the drilling fluid lines normal circulation and protect the produce casing pipe.

  • It is convenient to install anti-blowout device, leak proof device and tail pipe in drilling.

Oil layer oil casing pipe.

  • Oil and gas are exported from reservoirs beneath the surface. Used to protect drilling and stratify drilling mud.