Ways to maintain the thin-wall stainless steel pipe


It is believed that some families were effected by freezing or even cracking of thin-walled pipes in winter, which brings inconvenience to their normal life. So, how is 304 thin-walled stainless steel pipe maintained in the winter? Let see it.

thin wall stainless steel pipe.jpg

First of all, if you want to keep the water pipes clean and bright, you should pay attention to its maintenance at ordinary times, and avoid pouring soy sauce, oil, etc. into the water pipes, which causes the pipes rust.Second, do not use hard objects to collide with the thin-walled stainless steel pipe.Once again, if the outer surface of the stainless steel pipe has signs of rust, it is necessary to apply a stainless steel wax specifically for rust removal to the rust at a time and polish and clean it after a period of time. After cleaning the wax, the outer surface of the stainless steel pipe is renewed.Finally, once the outer surface of the stainless steel pipe is scratched, you can use a dry towel dipped in a little stainless steel care agent, and then wipe the scratched place. After wiping, gently polish with a grinding wheel until the scratch disappears. Attach the method of restoring the surface luster of stainless steel water pipes: Apply a soft cloth stained with stainless steel detergent on the surface, and the stainless steel water pipe will immediately become glamorous.However, this method cannot be used frequently. If it is commonly used, the original luster of the water pipe may be difficult to recover.