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We can often see fittings, which are also part of people's daily lives. Pipe fittings are products that have undergone deep processing of pipes. They have the dual characteristics of pipes and mechanical parts and are a combination of the two.

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There are many ways to process pipe fittings.Pipes are the necessary raw materials. There are two most important reasons for the rapid development of pipe fittings;1.It can replace some of the machined products, and it is lighter than machined parts, castings, and forged structural parts, saving material;2.It saves process and man-hours and reduces the cost of parts compared to machined products.

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It is written,a method of machining a connecting rod for a truck is compared with the tube fitting method,The same weight of material used for product weight is different. The mechanical processing method is 10.35kg, while the use of pipe fittings for this part uses 9.32kg, saving material. The unit price of the machined part is RMB 14 yuan, if the fittings are used, the unit price is RMB 8. Therefore, the fitting method is very advantageous in terms of price, which has been reduced by nearly 50%. In terms of performance, the pipe method is superior to the mechanical processing method.