Economic performance of stainless steel press fittings


stainless steel press fittings.jpgDuring the service life of the building, there is little need for maintenance and updates of stainless steel press fittings. It saves a lot of cost of maintaining customers, and the loss of customer property and service tends to zero. Press fit fittings also meets the requirements of the health pipe stainless steel pipe chosen by people, and fundamentally solves the problems of the health, environmental protection, economy and reliability of water pipe.

A special rubber sealing ring is provided in the u-shaped groove at the end of the stainless steel press fittings. When installed, insert the stainless steel pipe into the bell end of the stainless steel press fittings to the position step. Use special press tools to press the U groove and the compression position of U groove on one or both sides at the same time. The rubber sealing ring ACTS as a seal after being squeezed. The stainless steel pipe fittings and the stainless steel pipe in the compression part shrink and deform simultaneously (the profile forms hexagonal shape), which plays the role of positioning and fixation.

Stainless steel press fittings construction is quick and convenient. The installation time is only 1/3 of the conventional pipe fitting installation time. Only 5s is needed for single electric press. Stainless steel press fit fitting is sanitary, environmental protection, reliable, economical, long life, free of maintenance and update.