Why develop stainless steel press fittings


stainless steel press fittingsStainless steel materials have outstanding corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties. It can be made into thin wall stainless steel pipe to reduce costs. So many countries are promoting the use of thin wall stainless steel pipe systems in various industries.

Thin wall stainless steel pipe, due to its small wall thickness (Generally under 1.5 mm), the general thread connection is not applicable. The propress stainless steel fittings has the advantages of quick and easy installation, stable pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and no pollution of the fluid medium. It is an ideal connection pipe fitting for thin wall stainless steel pipes.

Thin wall stainless steel press fitting, generally with thin-walled stainless steel straight welded pipe as billet. It is formed by cold plastic deformation, welding and surface treatment. According to the standard of "stainless steel clamping type pipe fitting" issued by the ministry of construction, the pipe fittings mainly have direct connection, tee, elbow and other types.

Stainless steel press fittings has been widely used in Sweden, Germany, Japan, South Korea and other developed countries. In order to promote the application of thin wall stainless steel pipe system in China's urban water supply system. Ministry of construction of our country also issued two industry standards "stainless steel press fittings" and "thin wall stainless steel water pipe" in 2001. Ensure the quality of water supply, extend the service life of pipes, improve the reliability of water supply quality, protect the health of water users and improve their quality of life.