The reason for the rapid development of steel pipe


seamless steel pipe

The development of steel pipe production technology began with the rise of bicycle manufacturing industry. The development of petroleum in the early 19th century, the manufacture of ships, boilers and airplanes during the two world wars, the manufacture of thermal power boilers after the second world war, the development of chemical industry and the drilling and transportation of petroleum and natural gas, etc., all strongly promoted the development of steel pipe industry in terms of variety, output and quality.

Steel tubes are not only used to transport fluids and powdery solids, to exchange heat, and to make mechanical parts and containers. They are also economical steels. Manufacture building structure net frame, strut and mechanical support with steel pipe can reduce weight, save metal 20 ~ 40%, and can realize factory mechanization construction. Manufacturing highway bridge with steel pipe can not only save steel, simplify construction, but also greatly reduce the area of coating, saving investment and maintenance costs. Therefore, any other type of steel can not completely replace steel tube, but steel pipe can replace part of the profile and bar.

Steel pipe (include seamless steel pipe, erw steel pipe, lsaw steel pipe, ssaw steel pipe, square steel pipe, rectangular steel pipe, galvanized steel pipe, oil casing pipe…) is more important to the development of national economy and the improvement of human life quality than other steels. From People's Daily appliances, furniture, water supply and drainage, air supply, ventilation and heating facilities to the manufacture of various agricultural machinery appliances, the development of underground resources, national defense and aerospace used guns, bullets, missiles, rockets and other inseparable from steel tube. Because steel pipe is inseparable from human life and production activities, the production technology of steel pipe industry not only develops rapidly, but also gets rid of the old and brings forth the new. Steel pipe production occupies an irreplaceable position in the steel industry.