Why is stainless steel tube called 21 century true green pipe material?


Water is the lifeblood of the city. The water problem has become an important factor affecting the sustainable development of our country. In the face of severe situation, the state has put forward in the serious protection of water resources at the same time, to establish an efficient water-saving society, greatly improve the effective utilization of water, so that the masses of the people to drink high quality drinking water. Therefore, whether it is the new urban water supply system or the transformation of the original water supply system, or the pipeline direct drinking water project developed in recent years, it is urgent to use new technology and new materials, so that water resources can be more effective protection and utilization. The use of green pipeline, it is the key to solve the problem of drinking water.

stainless steel water pipe

What kind of pipe is the real green pipe?

In recent decades, water and sewer pipelines have had a rough ride. With the continuous improvement of national comprehensive quality, people's cognition of healthy life and healthy drinking water is more and more profound. Galvanized pipe, which has been used for decades, has been abolished by the state because of its poor corrosion resistance. In the 1990s, PPR tubes began to enter people's homes. The characteristic of cheap price makes it occupies tube market quickly, make the first choice that 10 thousand households install tube. But 30 years on, the fatal flaw of plastic pipes is beginning to be revealed. Exposed plastic water pipes may turn to powder at the slightest touch of age. Plastic pipes buried in the ground also begin to deteriorate, scale and clog pipes, not to mention contaminate drinking water quality.

After being injured twice by galvanized water pipes and plastic water pipes, people began to realize the necessary characteristics of water supply and drainage: Long service life, no pollution to water quality, no scaling, no blockage of the pipeline, the best price is affordable. And the thin-walled stainless steel pipe has the above characteristics completely. It can be said that thin-walled stainless steel water pipe is really healthy, truly perfect water pipe solution.

stainless steel pipes

Stainless steel pipe health performance is superior. Eliminate the problem of “ red water, blue and green water and hidden dangers in water. No peculiar smell, no scaling, no harmful substances precipitation, keep the water pure, harmless to human health. Decades of practice abroad and laboratory tests in different countries have shown that: The exhalation of metallic elements in stainless steel is less than 5% of the standard value set by the WHO and European drinking water regulations. (The provisions of all countries in the world refer to these two standards.)

Therefore, with the continuous improvement of people's requirements for water quality, and the increasingly strict restrictions on the release of pollutants in the water pipe standards of national laws and regulations, the best pipe for transporting quality drinking water is stainless steel. Therefore strictly on will tell, stainless steel pipe can be called 21 century true green pipe material.