Pipe anti-freezing mode


Winter has come, how should 304 stainless steel thin-wall pipe be correctly frozen? People should be freeze-proof, water pipes should be even more freeze-proof. That 304 stainless steel thin-wall pipe winter how to carry out anti-freezing measures?

304 stainless steel thin-wall pipe

It is very cold in winter, especially in the north, where the cold temperature can reach more than 20 degrees below zero. If you do not carry out appropriate anti-freezing measures, stainless steel water pipes will freeze, the pipe will be more serious cracking. Not only stainless steel conduit should be antifreeze in the north, in the south sometimes also can happen because antifreeze undeserved and cause stainless steel thin wall pipe craze condition. For example, in the winter of 2015, Shanghai in the middle of the stainless steel pipeline has happened to the situation of improper freezing. This not only gives us a lot of inconvenience and loss of life, in more serious circumstances will also give the surrounding neighbors inconvenience.

Here introduce 304 stainless steel thin-wall water pipe anti-freezing measures can be carried out:

1.Drip into line.

Water usually does not freeze as it flows through pipes. When the night temperature is lower than -5℃, twist the faucet slightly before falling asleep at night to let the water flow like a line, so that it can have an effective anti-freezing effect.

Drip into line

2.Putting on his hat and coat.

It can be wrapped with rubber insulation pipe, cotton and linen fabric, plastic foam, old cotton clothing and other insulation materials to prevent wind.

3.Close the valve to stop the water.

Before you leave home, close the inlet valve in front of the water meter and empty the tap water in the pipe during freezing. To avoid a lot of unnecessary losses due to people not at home when water facilities break ice.

Close the valve to stop the water

4.Empty the pipe of water.

If the temperature of the construction site is below zero, no insulation and pressure are done, and the project is not applied, the pipeline must be emptied