How should the home of various installs stainless steel conduit choose


How should the home of various installs stainless steel conduit choose Domestic outfit stainless steel conduit is emerging domestic outfit conduit type. At present, a lot

of families decorate a project to have begun application domestic outfit stainless steel conduit, reduce use pp-R to wait for pipe material. And the home that installs stainless steel conduit on

the market is various, the client that has never contacted the home to install stainless steelconduit does not know how to choose more. So how should we choose to install stainless steel pipes?

1. Select qualified manufacturers

Stainless steel plumbing and V profile fittings should have manufacturer's certificate of quality and relevant material inspection reports. Materials, specifications, production batches and manufacturer name shall be clearly marked on pipes and fittings. The manufacturer should be able to provide the corresponding approval documents. Do not covet cheap, you can visit the factory to verify its production capacity.

2. Confirm the exact diameter

Stainless steel water pipe from the nominal diameter, from DN15-DN300 there are 11 models, commonly used DN15-DN100 details can be seen in the following table. And stainless steel conduit still differentiates GB I series and GB II series. The I series and II series have the same nominal diameter and wall thickness, but the outer diameter will be different to some extent. So in the design or the purchase of water pipe and pipe fittings, to confirm that the water pipe and pipe fittings for the same series of outer diameter, or can not be installed normally.

3. Equipped with special clamping installation tools

Regular home decoration stainless steel water pipe and V Profile pipe fittings manufacturers, will provide supporting corresponding clamping installation tools, the size of the jaws of the same distinction between GB I series and II series. The pressing tool should be safe and reliable, easy to operate, and have product certificate and instruction manual. The pressing installation tools are divided into electric and manual pressing tools.

4. Quality of stainless steel pipes and fittings

Decoration stainless steel water pipe material is 304 grades or higher level materials. (Some villa users may choose 316L material) Weak magnetic, inner wall after internal leveling processing, uniform without trachoma, scratch and so on. Pipe fittings should be complete, without defect or deformation, and pipe mouth should be smooth and crack free.

5. Water pipes and fittings are purchased from the same manufacturer as far as possible.

Most of the time, after we have compared the various manufacturers in the market, we will buy different models of stainless steel pipes and fittings from different manufacturers for cost consideration. This is not recommended, although it is good for cost control. Because the pipe fittings produced between different manufacturers, theoretically according to the national standard production, the implementation of standard product specifications is the same, but the production mold how much will have certain deviation. The pipe fittings of the same outer diameter, once the problem of leakage occurs in the process of use, also because the manufacturer is different, the responsibility passes the buck to each other, it is difficult to investigate the specific responsibility of the manufacturer, and finally to solve the problem, even pay a greater cost.

Of course, the construction link should pay attention to equally. Alleged "3 cent product, 7 cent construction", quality of product of stainless steel conduit is foundation, construction quality is guarantee.