Technical guide for installation of stainless steel V profile fittings


● Installation technical standard

1. 10S407-2 Installation of stainless steel V profile fittings for building water supply.

2. CECS227:2010 Related regulations on connection technology of stainless steel water pipe for building water supply.

3. CJJ/T154-2011 Relevant regulations on engineering technology of building water supply pipeline.

4. GB/T29038-2012 Specification for water logging in stainless steel pipes.

● Handling and storage

1. Stainless steel V profile fittings should be handled with care in the handling process. Do not fall, roll, throw and other dangerous actions. In the process of handling to avoid pipeline damage and affect the normal installation and use.

2. Do not store stainless steel water mains in an open location. Avoid stacking with other metals (such as steel bars) and contaminants. Improper storage or stacked up with other metals can lead to pipe corrosion, corrosion affect the use of performance.

● Selection of installation personnel

Construction water supply and drainage stainless steel double clamping pipe installation personnel need to have the following points:

1. Familiar with the performance and installation technology of stainless steel V profile fittings.

2. At least one year experience in stainless steel water pipe installation.

● Installation process

1. Cut the pipes

2. Remove burrs from pipes
3. Mark and underline
4. Installation
5. Selection of pressing tools
6. Pressure connection
7. Inspection