Nine advantages of grooved fittings


1. Fast

Adopt groove clamp contact and the corresponding pipe fitting placement pipeline, do not need to weld, do not need to galvanize twice, two placement, improve the placement rate.

2. Handiness

Clamp connection light weight, fewer bolts, convenient placement, do not need special skills.

3. Reliable

Scientific mechanism planning, special C-type rubber seal ring, triple seal, to ensure the reliability of the seal.

4. Safety

With groove type clamp connection and the corresponding pipe fitting installation, only mechanical assembly, no welding, no open fire. Therefore, there is no welding slag turbidity pipeline to ensure site safety. It is especially suitable for construction under fire control conditions.

5. Economics

Due to the rapid placement, no extra skills, placement repair rate is low, so the cost of comprehensive placement compared with flange can be reduced by 30-50%.

6. Small footprint

Grooved clamp connection occupies about 70% of the space of the flange, and because of the small number of fastening bolts and no alignment, it is especially suitable for the construction of narrow space conditions.

7. Maintenance is simple

Safe and reliable product quality, as long as the placement properly, pipeline pressure test is a pass, safe operation, usually without maintenance, spare parts for decades without replacement.

8. Common use of pipes

Groove clamp connection can be used to connect various seamless steel pipe, galvanized steel pipe, welded steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, copper pipe and other metal pipe.

9. Flexible connection of pipeline can be realized

The pipe connected by the flexible groove clamp is a flexible system, which can absorb the length displacement of the pipe due to the temperature change and allow the pipe to have a certain offset Angle.