Press Connection Of Carbon Steel Pipe


stainless steel press fittngs 1Galvanized steel pipe, welded steel pipe, seamless steel pipe are carbon steel pipe. There are four connection ways of carbon steel pipe: thread connection, groove connection, flange connection and welding connection. It is thought that these four connections will not change until the day when the carbon steel tube is finally abolished and eliminated. Reality, they are not. This national building water supply and drainage committee water supply branch, hot water branch, young engineer association federation held in Wenzhou city. At the annual meeting in Wenzhou, a company introduced the press connection of galvanized steel tube. Hearing this, I felt refreshed. It is obvious that the galvanized steel pipe adopts the press connection.

It has three advantages:

1.No need to cut the thread, do not damage the surface of galvanized steel tube galvanized layer, to extend the service life of the pipe.

2.It can withstand higher internal pressure than threaded connections.

The wall thickness can be correspondingly reduced as there is no need to cut threads. Only three factors of bearing pressure, machining allowance and corrosion allowance are considered to determine the thickness of the pipe wall. For DN15mm pipe, the wall thickness can be reduced from 2.8mm to 1.5mm, and the material consumption can be reduced by 46.5%.

There are two lessons here:

1. We also need to pay attention to traditional steel pipes, valves, pumps, equipment, and there will be new discoveries and changes. We cannot ignore them. We should not only focus on cutting-edge science.

2. Transplantation is an important means.

The press connection is originally used for the connection of thin-walled copper pipe and thin wall stainless steel pipe, and the effect is very good. It can be transplanted to the carbon steel pipe, which has the same obvious effect and is also a kind of innovation. It also means a lot.