What connection types does stainless steel pipe have? Which is the better way to connect?


In the current Chinese market,, there are many ways to connect stainless steel water pipes. It include flexible type, coupling type, flange type, compression connection etc. So which way is better for our family to choose with stainless steel water pipes?

Next, let's compare:

1. Flexible type

The connection method of flexible type is insert the pipe into the fitting orifice, tighten the nut with a wrench, use the compression ring to seal the seal ring, and then complete the connection. It is characterized by easy installation and can be disassembled at will. However, during installation, a grooving machine must be used to fix the C-shaped grooves with rolling grooves at the pipe end.

2. Compression connection type

Insert the pipe into the pipe fittings, fasten with nuts, use the screw force to compress and seal the pipe body through the sealing ring, and complete the connection. It is characterized by quick installation and removable. But the connection reliability is relatively weak, vibration thread is easy to loose, resulting in the nut is not tight. When the seal pressure is reduced, leakage will occur, the structure is complex, the cost of parts is high, and it can not be buried.

3. Flange connection

Theory: Make annular argon arc welding of flange and pipe, tighten with quick clip or bolt, make the sealing gasket between flanges act as sealing function, complete the connection.

4. M Profile connection

Insert the accessory into the accessory. Both ends of the fittings are protruding U-shaped grooves with built-in sealing rings, which are clamped and connected by special fittings tools.

M profile connection of stainless stainless steel pipes

5. V Profile connection

The V profile connection is an improved S type clamping connection technology based on the M profile connection technology.

Characteristic: Easy and fast installation, reliable sealing, anti-vibration, avoid loose joints, short installation cycle, low cost. It avoids quality defects caused by human factors. The O-ring in the pipe fitting has certain elasticity after compression, and automatically compensates after thermal expansion and cold contraction to ensure the safety of the pipeline. Used for pipe connection of diameter no more than DN100.

Therefore, the V profile connection is also a more concise, and high quality connection. It has also become the main connection method of stainless steel pipes, and occupy the majority of the market share.