Economic performance of stainless steel press fittings


In the service life of the building, the stainless steel press fittings almost do not need to maintain and update the pipe fittings, which saves a lot of maintenance customer use cost, customer property loss and service loss tend to zero.

Press fit fittings to meet the people choose healthy water pipe - stainless steel products. Fundamentally solved the water pipe health, environmental protection, economy, reliable and other mutual unity of the problem.

stainless steel press fittings application

A special rubber sealing ring is installed in the U slot at the end of the stainless steel press fittings. During installation, insert the stainless steel water pipe into the bearing mouth of the pressing stainless steel pipe fitting to the position of the step, and use a special pressing tool to carry out the pressing operation on one or both sides of the U-groove and u-groove at the same time. The rubber sealing ring is extruded and plays a sealing role, and the stainless steel pipe and the stainless steel water pipe shrink and deform at the same time (the section forms a hexagonal shape), and play a positioning and fixing role, so as to effectively realize the connection of the stainless steel pipe.

stainless steel press fittings sealing ring

The installation time of the clamping stainless steel pipe fitting is only 1/3 that of the traditional pipe fitting (Electric single clamping only need 5s). The clamping stainless steel pipe fittings are sanitary, environmental friendly, reliable, economical, long life, maintenance-free and update-free.