What connection does stainless steel pipe have?


What connection does stainless steel pipe haveWhen fixing stainless steel conduit actually, can adopt appropriate installation method according to environment and installation demand. The water pipe can be fixed by clamping connection method. This method can be used to fix the pipe more flexible and convenient operation, and can achieve better sealing and avoid leakage after the installation operation. However, after using this fixed installation method, it can not be disassembled at will.

When installing stainless steel conduit, also can undertake fixed installation through expanding ring type connection method. Using this fixed method, compared with the clamping connection, the sealing effect will have a certain difference. Moreover, the cost of castings is relatively high, and it is necessary to pay higher fees to achieve the purpose of installation and use.

Now many industries will also be welded connection to stainless steel water pipe fixed installation. Using welding method to install water pipe, can achieve higher joint strength. Using this fixed installation method can also ensure the service life. Long-term installation and use of this kind of pipe can save more cost. But there are certain requirements for the installation skill level of the staff.