Promote the thin - wall stainless steel water pipe into thousands of households


With the rapid development of industrial economy and population, the environment and health safety of human beings have been seriously threatened.  To protect the environment, it's up to you and me.

protect the environment

Low carbon lead-free has become a fashionable new life. Carbon dioxide will destroy the earth's ozone layer, leading to abnormal world climate, global catastrophic climate repeatedly appear. Lead can exist in the environment for a long time, and it pollutes the environment, and has strong damage to many living tissues. Long-term exposure to lead and its compounds can cause heart palpitations, irritability and an increase in red blood cells. After lead impinges on the nervous system, insomnia, dreams, memory loss, fatigue, and then develop into mania, blindness, confusion, coma, and even cause cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, for our own health, we advocate a low-carbon lead-free life.


In China, the problem of water quality has been troubling us for a long time, and we have always simply believed that environmental pollution has affected our water quality, but ignored the most important pipeline around us.  From the earliest galvanized tube, to the plastic tube of all sorts of forms (aluminous model compound tube, steel model compound tube, PPR tube, etc.), to copper tube, stainless steel tube gradually into the vision of people, reflected the Chinese people to drinking water health requirements rise ceaseless. 

Promote the thin - wall stainless steel water pipe into thousands of households

The development of thin-wall stainless steel pipe technology will create a healthy, environmental protection, sanitary conditions for the national water, but also for stainless steel pipe enterprises to win a larger market. Thin-walled stainless steel tube takes building adornment market, it is a revolution that conduit industry is producing.

 thin wall stainless steel pipe

In Europe and the United States and other developed countries, stainless steel pipe has replaced copper pipe to become the mainstream pipe pipe, there are more and more high-quality construction choose stainless steel pipe, so as to achieve one step in place, lifelong maintenance free construction requirements.

stainless steel press pipe

Cangzhou Shengtai Pipeline Co., Ltd. as a professional stainless steel water supply, gas supply and fire pipe manufacturers, with proprietary technology, professional talents, to provide customers with the best quality products and services, professional commitment to become the thin-wall stainless steel pipe industry leader, make unremitting efforts for the cause of human health.