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discount big diameter HDPE pipe products

china discount big diameter HDPE pipe products manufacturing/supplier

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Key Specifications

Standard : ---

Specifications : According to your requirements

Material : -----

Certification : ISO9001:2000

Payment Details

Packing Type : Standard export

Supply Capability : 12000 ton per year

Settlement Currency :

Port of Loading : Xingang,China

Offer Price/Unit : 0

Delivery Time : Within 20 days

Payment Details : 30% deposit and againt the copy of the bill of lading


ShengTai company is a professional steel pipe manufacturer of china ,we can produce discount big diameter HDPE pipe products ,we have various size of discount big diameter HDPE pipe products and according your request to produce ,if you need this products ,we can provide the best price of discount big diameter HDPE pipe products for you.

discount big diameter HDPE pipe products

1. Size: 20~1600mm
2. SDR: SRD26, SRD21, SRD17, SRD13.6, SRD11 (Pressure PN: 0.6Mpa~1.6Mpa)
3. Standard: ISO4427, ISO8772, EN12201, ASTM F714, AS/NZ 4130, DIN 8074, DIN 8075, GB/T13663-2000
4. Material: PE100, PE80.
5. Length: 5.8~12 meters, or according to customers' requirements.
6. Color: Black with blue stripes or according to customers requirements.
7. Package: Standard export package or accoding to customers' requirements.
8. Usage of HDPE pipe:
1)Transport sand\mud\slurry for dredger in dredging projects or sand suction projects and also for seawater treatment projects.
2)Transport mine tailings and slurry, metallurgical mines in the mining industry.
3)Transport pulverized coal and coal-water slurry of coal preparation plant in the coal industry.
4)Transport mud and corrosive media with slag in the chemical industry .
5)Transport powder and coal ash in thermal power plant
6)Transport crud oil, petroleum.
our company also produce other kinds of steel pipe ,flange and pipe fittings,we have API,CE,ISO certificate. the products are used for petroleum, chemical ,power, gas, metallurgy, shipbuilding, construction .the Business Manager summer Welcome you to visit our factory