What are the benefits of using stainless steel water pipes as drinking water pipes?


Since the launch of the market, stainless steel water pipe has been well received by customers. In order to say, all areas of water transfer projects can see the successful application of stainless steel water pipes. Is stainless steel pipe cheaper than plastic pipe? Of course not! Why are customers so keen on stainless steel pipes? What problems can stainless steel pipe solve?

1. It can solve the problem of bacteria. Stainless steel pipes for water delivery are usually made of 304 stainless steel with smooth surface and not easy to accumulate. Stainless steel tube walls do not scale. The sediment in the water doesn't accumulate in one place, so it doesn't lead to poor water flow and microbes multiplying. Solve the problem of bacteria in tap water. When bacteria are reduced, chlorine in tap water can be reduced.

2. It can solve the corrosion problem of pipe wall and extend the life of pipe for hundreds of years. Corrosion of water pipe wall is one of the main causes of secondary pollution. The inner wall of stainless steel water pipe is resistant to weak acid and weak alkali corrosion. When the water flow reaches 40m/s, the corrosion rate is only 0.003mm/a. As a result, the service life of stainless steel pipes can reach 100 years. The construction pipe network is made of stainless steel pipes, so there is no need to replace pipes throughout the life cycle.

3. It can solve the problem of pipe network burst and leakage, save water resources, and provide more stable water supply. Pipe network burst is the main cause of water supply interruption. The main cause of pipe network burst is insufficient pipe strength. Under the protection of the outer carbon steel, the strength of the stainless steel pipe is greatly enhanced, whether buried or laid, it can effectively play its strength advantage. Dropping leakage mainly occurs at pipe joints. For this stainless steel pipe, there is a special fully shielded double seal connector. In the process of water transmission, water can be sealed in the end face, completely solve the operation and leakage problems in the operation of the pipeline network.

4. It can solve the problem of high cost of water supply. Stainless steel water pipe wall has a higher stable circulation efficiency, can save the kinetic energy of water. The stainless steel water pipe has good high strength seal, and the pipe is not easy to burst, so as to ensure the stability of water supply and reduce the cost of pipe network repair and maintenance. Stainless steel pipe service life is long, year use cost is low.