400 series stainless steel applications


Cold rolled 400 series stainless steel plate:

Car exhaust systems (the United States 30%, European Union40%, Japan100%), high temperature above 600 ℃, considering the thermal fatigue resistance, used for exhaust straight pipe(409L,436L,444). Low temperature below 600 ℃, for the former muffler and tail pipe, catalysts, etc(439,441,429).

Appliance industry: Microwave bladder(430), washing machine drum(430,439,430J1), LCD panel box(409L), range hood(430,439).

Hardware Industry: tableware, Kitchen sink, Soup appliance, compound bottom of the pot(430), Heat resistant utensils(409L,444).

Solar water heater for gas appliances(444).

Decorate material industry: balcony railing(439), lift-cabin door(439,440).

Construction industry: roof material(445,446M), combined water tank, pool(444).

Reefer container shell(409L,430), coinage industry etc.

At present, the hospital also began to use 430 steel to make dissection table, disinfection pool.

Hot rolled 400 series stainless steel coil plate:

Railway wagons, steam turbine blades, metallurgical equipment and tableware, manufacturing industry, knife and fork, tool knife, high strength martensitic stainless steel, used in thermal power generation accessories, etc. Ferritic stainless steel grade 444 can also be used in metallurgical furnace of metal magnesium and machined parts. Ferritic stainless steel plate 444 can also be used in metallurgical furnace of metal magnesium and machined parts.

400 series wire rod:

Electrical axis, standard parts, wire, wire. Special shape knife, fork, spoon. And stainless steel cleaning ball, screen, etc.

400 series welded steel pipe:

Automobile exhaust pipe, oil and petrochemical industry pipeline, casing, accessories, etc.