The basic components of reinforced thermoplastic pipes


Reinforced thermoplastic pipes generally has three-layer structure. It is composed of inner pipe, reinforcing layer and protective layer.


Inner pipe: The inner layer is usually thermoplastic pipe, such as high density polyethylene(HDPE). The main function is to provide the liquid being transported with an inner anti-leakage and anti-corrosion package container. When the transport fluid contains sand and so on and tube wall friction material, can also use ultra high molecular weight polyethylene.

components of rtp

Reinforcing layer: The reinforcing layer is usually an even number of layers spirally wound around the reinforcing material on the inner tube to withstand internal pressure and other pressures. The reinforcing layer can be divided into carbon fiber, aramid fiber, glass fiber, steel wire, steel belt and so on. Carbon fiber has the advantages of high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and stable physical properties, but the cost is higher. Aramid fiber has high tensile strength, low creep, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, high working temperature and fire resistance. Glass fiber has good corrosion resistance and cost advantage. In some cases, the fibers are wrapped in a fibrous band called HDPE and wound around the inner tube, which is then fused to form a better composite. Steel wires and bands are also often used in reinforcing layer. Although the corrosion resistance of steel is not high, but compared with the above materials, can withstand higher working pressure. The steel strip has the advantage of irreplaceable under the condition of high requirement of external pressure.


Protective layer: This layer covers the reinforcing layer and mainly serves to protect the reinforcing layer from mechanical damage, chemical corrosion and ultraviolet radiation. In most cases, the outer layer is a white, uv - resistant compound. This will reflect sunlight and prevent pipe temperatures from getting too hot so that RTP can be used in desert and hot and humid places.