New National Standard Will Regulate Production Thin Wall Thickness Stainless Steel Pipe & Fitting


Reporter learned from parties concerned: New national standards will be created about stainless steel press fit fittings and thin wall stainless steel pipe. The connection and construction specifications of these two products will also have national standards.


At the meeting of standard drafting of thin wall stainless steel pipe and pipe fittings organized by national pipeline accessories standardization technical committee. The representative of the China institute of architectural design and the representative of some stainless steel pipe fittings discussed the three national standards of GB/T91228.1 "stainless steel pipe press fit fittings", GB/T91228.2 "thin-walled stainless steel pipes used for stainless steel pipe fittings connection", GB/T91228.3 "O type seal ring used for stainless steel press fit fittings". And agree on the revision of relevant standards. It will united China current 12 stainless steel pipe outer diameter series into two basic standard size, and united pipe wall thickness into one basic size. New standard will also standardize the meaning of pipe fit fittings and unite the key size of pipe fit fittings. And provide a unified pipeline outer diameter foundation for the press fit fittings application of different metal materials (such as carbon steel, copper and stainless steel).


In addition, the participating experts also discussed the draft national standard of "Connection and installation specification of stainless steel pipe and fitting". It also determines the specific installation requirements and specifications for the three main types(press fit type, threaded type, welded type) of connection between thin-walled stainless steel pipes and fittings. It provide favorable conditions for standard construction and national standards inspecting.


Some experts at the meeting thought: Revision of the new national standard for thin-walled stainless steel tubes and publishing of "Connection and installation specification of stainless steel pipe and fitting", will achieve accurate docking between product standard and connection installation specification of stainless steel pipe & fitting.

It will make up for the regret which only have national-level product standard of stainless steel pipe fittings, but no installation specification standard. It will end the unstandardized history of stainless steel pipe standards in Chinese construction. It will bring new changes to the standardization and efficiency of different metal material pipes in construction pipeline construction.


It is reported that The revision and preparation of the four national standards will end in October. At present, the writer is collecting opinions and Suggestions from more design institute experts, users and manufacturers.