Steel Export Prices Climbed


456.jpgAccording to the customs statistics, in 2017, the export of steel in hunan province was 1024,000 tons, down 26.7% from the previous year.Exports were 5.38 billion yuan, up 8.6 percent.The average export price was 5255 yuan per ton, up 48.2 percent.

Since September 2016, the average price of steel exports in our province has increased for 16 consecutive months, and the average export price has increased from 3,532.4 yuan per ton in September 2016 to 66,90.4 yuan/ton in December 2017.

Customs analysis, as the supply-side structural reform continues to advance, steel prices are rising;The increase in the cost of raw materials such as iron ore, scrap steel and coal has directly contributed to the rise in steel prices. At the same time, domestic infrastructure investment and real estate development investment have been growing steadily in 2017, and the domestic steel industry has a high degree of prosperity, and the supply of steel in the international market is relatively sufficient. Against this background, the export intention of enterprises is weakened and steel exports are reduced.

The customs believes that steel demand growth is supported by the global economic recovery, and steel exports are expected to rebound in the future. According to the 2018 tariff adjustment plan issued by the state council, it will cancel the rod, rebar and wire rod the tentative export tariffs, the lower 200 hot rolled stainless steel coil, steel ingot, billet, and other products export provisional tariff, will help reduce the partial products export costs, improve the export competitiveness.