Hebei Tangshan Steel Limit Production Upgrade. It Will Implement Peak Shifting Production In The Period Without Heating.


Reporter learned from Tangshan City NDRC, in order to improve air quality, Tangshan will implement precision and differentiation peak shifting production for the whole city from March 16 solstice November 14, the non-heating period. timg_副本a.jpg

As an important steel city in China. Tangshan recently issued the implementation plan for green development of Tangshan construction ecological Tangshan. On the basis of fully implement the relevant requirements of the state and provincial governments on the production of the wrong peak shifting production in the heating season. Tangshan city is based on the production capacity of blast furnace. At the same time, according to the distribution of steel enterprises, meteorological conditions and other factors. Implementation different proportion and frequency peak shifting production for the whole city steel enterprises.

It is reported, Tangshan city will direct link between steel enterprise limit production proportion and its influence on the air quality in the city's main city. And comprehensive determination of the limit of production according to meteorological conditions. All steel mills that have not obtained permits to pollute have ceased production. It implement partial time period halt production control for blast furnace.

The scheme sets the base limit ratio and the dynamic limit ratio. The steel enterprise located in Tangshan main urban area and main urban area upwind, base limit ratio is 15%. Other steel enterprises base limit ratio is 10%. According to stipulation, steel enterprise located in main urban area no more dynamic limits. Other county (city) district steel enterprises are based on base limit ratio, according to the monthly prevailing wind direction changes (based on historical meteorological statistics), production restriction ratio reincrease 5% for steel enterprise located in main urban area upwind.

According to the plan, related county (city) district government should take peak shifting production task decomposition into the specific enterprises, specific equipment and time limit. Steel enterprises, which have been slow to improve their environmental governance, have increased their production limit to 50%.