Kunyang Road River Crossing Bridge Bridge Is Expected To Open In 2020.The Main Pier Steel Pipe Pile Is Completed.


Ms. Wang, who lives in the village, often needs to get up early in the morning. Recently, she said excitedly.” After the completion of kunyang road cross river project. It is very convenient for our western of Fengxian citizens.”


What excites Ms. Wang is. the main piers steel cover box of Kunyang road across the river engineering complete the second devolution successfully. The overall precision is lowered to the design elevation.

Ms. Wang said, I went to city from Xhuangxing before. Driving from Zhuangxing to south bridge s4 high speed. Traffic jam if go to Fengpu bridge. When the weather is bad, the planned trip will be ruined. The Huangpu river has been the biggest obstacle for people living in fengxian.


Construction of Kunyang road across the river engineering means after construction, start from Fengxian, driving from Puwei road to Kunyang road river crossing bridge directly. All the way north can be arrived in city directly. Avoid the frequently "red" s4 highway and other sections. In future, Kunyang road river crossing bridge to become another powerful passage to city after s4 Fengpu Bridge, Hongmei south road cross river tunnel, Minpu II Bridge.

"The total length of the project is 3.5km. The length of the bridge is 1.9km, and the length of the connecting roads is 1.6km. It is one of the important arterial roads connecting minhang and fengxian."


The leader of this project introduced,kunyang road cross river and its auxiliary projects project(from dongchuan road to xizha road) start at the cross of dongchuan road and kunyang road at minhang zone,and span the Huangpu River with a special form of single tower cable-stayed bridge of steel concrete composite beam,also we built a single-column pier,end with xizha road. It is near by puwei road. This February,the main pier of the huangpu river bridge, which weighs about 500 tons, successfully completed the first suspension with a large floating crane.


At present, the main pier steel pipe pile of the bridge has been completed. Construction of main pier foundation is under way. Bridge foundation construction of the project located in the south bank of the Huangpu river(Fengxian District) is progressing smoothly. All the pile foundations have been completed and the construction of the lower part of the bridge is being carried out. The total project has been completed by 15%.

According to the introduction, the project plans to complete the main tower seal of the bridge in May 2019. In march, 2020, we will complete the main span closure and strive to complete the construction in June 2020.