Hebei Will Speed Up The Construction Caofeidian And Bohai New Zone Coastal Port-surrounding High Quality Steel Industrial Belt


timg_副本_副本.jpgThe ministry of industry and information technology of Hebei province issued “guideline on accelerating industrial transformation and upgrading and building modern industrial system”. Guideline point out, for the further implementation of the "made in China 2025" and innovation-driven development strategy, optimize the industrial structure, the transformation of the mode of development and transformation driver of growth, to speed up the province's industrial transformation and upgrading, build a modern industrial system. To promote the higher quality, more efficient and sustainable development of industry, and to build a strong province. The following guidelines are presented.

Guideline point out, We will optimize and upgrade four traditional industrial chains, including steel. Among them iron and steel industry, in the premise of reducing the displacement, equipment upgrade, layout optimization. Take product quality as main attack direction. Make strong car board and home appliance board. We will accelerate the development of special steel. and vigorously develop intensive processing of steel products. We will encourage steel enterprises to adopt new technologies to upgrade and upgrade their products, improve product quality and stability, develop new special steel varieties, and optimize the structure of steel products. We will vigorously promote the extension of steel products to equipment supporting, green building, consumer steel. And increase the added value of our products and push the steel industry towards the middle and high end. We will accelerate the construction of a fine steel industrial belt in the Coastal Zone of Caofeidian and Bohai New Zone.

Steel for cars and appliances. We will further optimize and upgrade the car board and home electrical panel, accelerate the development and industrialization of high-strength automobile boards and high-end household appliances, continuously improve the surface quality of steel sheet, promote the integration of steel enterprises with automobile enterprises and home appliance enterprises.

Better steel. Make Key base parts steel of high speed tool steel, gear steel, bearing steel, spring steel, electrical steel etc finer and perfect. Around the automobile, shipbuilding, high-end equipment and other industries development needs, develop new steel of equipment continually. Promote the development and industrialization of high quality special steel, large section, high uniform, high performance die steel, high performance cold roll steel, vanadium titanium high end steel, high magnetic sensing oriented silicon steel, etc.

Deep-processing of steel. We will put the steel industry to the condition of matching equipment, green architecture and using steel products in order to develop the high quality mechanical structural member, high-end bearing, fastening piece ,automobile punching part and so on; develop the construction supporting industry such as steel structure house, steel structure bridge, steel structure container communication tower and the pipeline pipe gallery; develop high quality using steel product, and put these product such as pressure cookers, casting iron pans, stainless steel table wares, walking sticks and health recovery beds and something else like these to a very important place.