Mengcun County Pipeline Equipment Manufacturing Industry Development Strategy Planning


pipe fittings.jpgComprehensively implement the party's eighteen big spirit, guided by the theory system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the thorough study practice scientific development concept, in accordance with the construction of Chinese characteristic socialism the overall deployment of an innovative country and the current maintaining steady and rapid economic development, speed up the transformation of the mode of economic growth and the overall requirements of adjusting and optimizing industrial structure and product innovation, after 5 to 10 years of efforts, the capital of pipe fittings in China, on the basis of creating the innovation system of pipe fittings and production and trade service platform;Around the material and technological innovation, development of energy conservation and emissions reduction technology and its special pipe fitting the equipment manufacturing industry, taking mengcun first-class in domestic, the set design, production and service pipe fittings manufacturing base and supply base, international pipe fittings industry trade logistics base, to become the capital of international pipe fittings products.