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China Stainless Steel Thin Wall Tube,Stainless Steel Press Fitting Factory.A lot of practical experience has proved that stainless steel thin-walled pipe is a green pipe with long life cycle, low comprehensive cost, good overall performance and greater development potential. The advantages of stainless steel thin-walled pipes are indeed something that we cannot ignore,such as:

1. Cleanliness. Stainless steel thin-walled pipes are not easily contaminated by bacteria and are not prone to fouling. They are relatively easy to clean and therefore have less cleaning costs.

2. Long service life. A large amount of data and experience show that the service life of stainless steel thin-walled pipes can reach 100 years, and it is truly the same as the life of buildings.

3. Low overall cost. Stainless steel pipes require little maintenance, avoiding the expense and hassle of pipe replacement, low operating costs, and economical efficiency.

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4. Save energy. Stainless steel surface is smooth, friction resistance is small, water resistance is only 2/5 of carbon steel pipe without bottle neck resistance at low flow rate, the pump energy consumption is low, and stainless steel pipe network water supply is widely used, which can save half the power consumption of the pump station. The same caliber pipe, stainless steel pipe than other metal pipe water flow.

5. Save water energy. Significantly reduce the leakage rate of water and effectively protect and utilize water resources.

6. Green. Stainless steel can be regenerated 100%, so there is no need to worry about environmental pollution, which is conducive to sustainable development; stainless steel scrap also has great economic value.

7. Beautiful appearance, cleanliness, fashion, give the user full confidence, stainless steel tube water helps to improve the quality of urban construction. Stainless steel is safe, non-toxic and has no impact on water quality. It is a healthy material that can be implanted into the human body in the 21st century.

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8. Product is easy to get. There are various product forms to choose from, but it is important to note that they must be purchased by regular manufacturers to ensure quality. Management construction is simple and reliable to install, with a variety of connection methods and a variety of pipe fittings for customers to choose freely, reliable connection, no leakage. Pipe fittings can be used either stainless steel or copper-based alloys. Installation costs competitive.

9. Use a wide range. Stainless steel thin-walled pipes can be used in municipal water supply pipe networks, direct drinking water pipelines, hot water transmission and medium and high-grade building water supply, heating water pipes, steam pipes, outdoor pipes in cold areas, urban fire water supply, pump rooms and other occasions. Beautiful appearance can be installed as well as concealed and buried.

10. High grade, quality and cheap. In fact, the use of stainless steel pipes is not only less expensive, but the most important thing to note is that the life cycle cost is very low. This is the biggest advantage that stainless steel materials can not be compared with other materials in the economy.

Our company is a professional manufacturer of 304 stainless steel thin-walled pipes and compression fittings. Since the establishment of the company, we have always adhered to the business philosophy of "survive by quality, reputation and development" and provide a large number of high quality for new and old customers. product. We are always in an open attitude and hope to discuss cooperation with everyone and contribute to the green water quality.