Wang Zhaodong, Northeast University : Put The Flag On The Top Of The Forged Steel


Steel is the "backbone" that supports the large manufacturing country to become the strength manufacturing country. Making good steel, it has always been a dream for professor wang zhaodong, director of the national key laboratory of rolling technology and continuous rolling automation of Northeastern University. He is determined to plant the flag at the top of the field of steel forging.

The latest results shine on the hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge. "The completion of the main project of the hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge" has been included in the top ten domestic news in 2017. This is the world's longest span, the most difficult construction of the bridge across the sea. It is very strict to the high strength, large specification, easy welding, fatigue and corrosion resistance of bridge steel. The girder is supported by high performance green bridge steel. This was developed by wang zhaodong's team based on the new generation controlled rolling cold control technology.

bridge steel.jpg

Wang Zhaodong is the director of research and development of China's 13th five-year Marine engineering steel project. He says research and development is as sharp as hawk. Steel smelting technology, what is the key? shock cooling. The jargon is also called quenching. Like vegetables that are fast cold and fresh, fast lock in water and nutrients, and still have good cellular tissue. It is the same with steel, cooling fast and even can make steel grain refinement and strengthening, it is the key to forging good steel. Such as the construction of ships, submarines are in urgent need of various limit specifications of high strength steel plate. The roller quenching machine for heat treatment of this kind of steel plate could not be independently manufactured in China before. The developed countries made no secret of this, forcing China to import high-end steel plate at a high price. The dream of steel power is like a lump in the throat.

Wang Zhaodong and others formed an experimental vanguard to attack the mountain and plant the national flag. The experimental design of roller quenching machine needs to have an application partner. They found Taisteel Linfen medium thickness plate factory. But factory thought it’s too risky to be "the first to eat crabs" even though the factory is interested. Wang Zhaodong with people just next to the plant rented a semifinished product, lobby during the day, night scene investigation, insist on more than 40 consecutive days, finally have the first (set) high-end steel quenching equipment successful cases, was elected to the news of the world top ten iron and steel industry technology. With the breakthrough of "zero", the domestic high-end medium-thick steel plate has a strategic turning point, from a large number of imports to a large number of exports.


“Write the paper on the land of the motherland, the result engraved on the country's steel production line.” This sentence is Wang Zhaodong's motto. He says researchers need to be down-to-earth. The project does not lie or boast, don’t waste expenditure. In particular, we should not regard achievements as "tribute" to utilitarianism.

In recent years, the laboratory has carried out a "targeted" attack on national strategic priorities and the actual needs of enterprises, which in high - strength automotive plate, high - grade electrical steel, high - standard Marine steel and other fields. Super light concept car, logo building, transmission tower, drilling platform, large submarine…The innovative results of the laboratory are written in every aspect of national economic life. With the implementation of the Marine engineering steel project alone, the self-sufficiency of steel varieties used for high-end Marine platforms in China can reach more than 70%, and the maximum life can be increased by more than 50%. The 1,200-ton crane boom, the thick-walled pipelines of deep-sea oil and gas fields, and the ice-breaking ships that gallop across the arctic ocean are no longer held hostage. In the last five years alone, the lab has generated more than 50 billion Yuan in profits for steel companies. Comprehensive reduction of China's steel industry CO2 emissions of 7%. We have vigorously promoted the transformation and upgrading of China's iron and steel industry in terms of energy conservation, emission reduction and greening.