History Of Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes Development


1996 The first Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes was laid at Oman's oil field.

1998 Pipelife's first RTP is used for oil and gas delivery.

1999 Established JIP (Industry cooperation plan of application of various reinforced thermoplastic tubes in oil and History of Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes developmentgas industry),it passed the recommendations of transporting oil by RTP.

1999 Zapsiptechnologies manufactures and rolls out Reinforced  Thermoplastic Pipes in Russia.

2000 Pipelife launches Soluforce's plumbing system.

2004 DVGW publishes VP642 standard - RTP for 16Bar gas.

2005 Germany's leading Thuga project - Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes for gas applications.

2005 Domestic imported RTP production line of Krauss-Maffei.