The History Of Seamless Steel Tube Is Published In 2008


seamless steel tubeThe history of seamless steel tube 100 years was edited and published by metallurgical industry press in 2008. The book was written over two years by Jin Rusong, an 80-year-old professor senior engineer and retired expert from Baoshan iron and steel co., LTD. The content covers the world seamless steel pipe production history of various periods of steel pipe equipment and technology.

Mr. Stephen king graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong university in 1952. He has been engaged in the research and translation of seamless steel tube related production technology and equipment in the former Chengdu seamless steel tube factory and the steel tube factory of Baoshan iron and steel co., LTD. Baosteel branch. Over the past 50 years, he has published a book called the “tension reducer”. And has published more than 60 articles about seamless steel tube technology in "steel tube", "world steel" and "baosteel technology" and other well-known domestic magazines.

The book "the history of seamless steel pipe" is divided into two parts, a total of 31 chapters. The book spans three centuries and describes the development of seamless steel tube production technology in the world.

The evaluation of professor Chen Xiangming from Beijing university of science and technology is as follows: the book introduces the development history of seamless steel pipe and inspires people to have the spirit of innovation. It is a valuable tutorial for students who are engaged in steel pipe technology and those who want to engage in steel pipe technology.