RTP Market Is Infinite


reinforced thermoplastic composite pipe (RTP) The current situation and forecast analysis report of the development of the world oil industry in the 21st century indicates that energy demand will continue to grow in the 21st century. At an annual growth rate of 2%, world energy consumption will rise from 9 billion tonnes at the end of the 20th century to 15 billion tonnes by 2020 and 250 tonnes by 2050. The latest resource evaluation results of the 21st century show that China has 650 tons of possible oil resources, and the proven rate is only about 39%.The proven natural gas resource in China is 25 trillion cubic meters, and the proven rate is only 24.6%.

Rising energy demand promotes the rapid development of energy trade and energy output which mainly oil and gas. The construction of large trunk pipelines will also push the branch network up to the pipe network of each household. In the next 10 years, all refined oil and gas products such as petroleum, diesel and kerosene will be transported through pipelines. To meet this target, an average of 20, 000 kilometres of new pipelines will have to be built each year. This means that rising energy demand will place higher demands on pipelines for oil and gas. This brings huge market space to the reinforced thermoplastic composite pipe (RTP) with high strength, high pressure resistance, high toughness, corrosion resistance, light weight, easy construction and low comprehensive cost.