The application of steel pipe in structure


456.jpgWhat are the structural applications of steel pipes?

Steel pipe for structure, include various kinds of welded steel pipe and seamless steel pipe. It has ideal circular section, the ability to resist local buckling is very strong, so it’s the best lightweight components of bearing radial internal pressure and external pressure. Make the steel tube into pillar, girder and so on. It not also only used in structure separately, but also combine into frame, truss, net rack and other structure type. In the steel and concrete composite structure, the steel tube concrete column which is being popularized is the new field of effective application of steel pipe.

The steel pipes using in net rack structure is very popular. Long-lived net rack structure of spherical thin-shell joint or bolt sphere joint, using steel pipes as pole is the best choice. It also usually used in high-rise structure. The steel tube not only has excellent section performance, but also the outer surface of the arc can significantly reduce the effect of wind load. The advantages can be brought into full play of using steel pipe mast or mast tower.