The advantage of light stainless steel pipes


There are some obvious advantages about light stainless steel pipes,mechanical property,wear resistance,safety and health performance,temperature resistance,thermal insulation performance and some out-looking advantages.

1.Meet the health requirements

The light stainless steel pipes can meet the national standard for direct drinking water quality,and it will not cause the water quality for secondary pollution.


2.Be recycled totally

The light stainless steel pipes can be recycled 100%,it will not leave lots of rubbish to our descendants.

3.Save the water resource

The strength of light stainless steel pipes is better than the other water pipes,it reduces the possibility that the water pipe is affected by the external force,hence save a lot of water resources.

4.Reduce the cost of transportation

The thin wall stainless steel pipe has excellent corrosion resistance. It will not be fouled in the long term use. The inner wall is bright and clean, and the transportation energy consumption is low and the cost is the lowest than the other pipes


5.Reduce heat loss

The thermal insulation performance of the thin-walled stainless steel pipe material is 24 times that of the copper material pipe, which greatly saves the thermal energy loss in the hot water transportation.

6.Avoid contaminating the sanitary ware

The thin wall stainless steel pipe will not dirty the sanitary ware by the non-washable mark.

The thin wall stainless steel pipe is the best choice in this field of water system because it Is a perfect combination of safe, health and economy. Hence,it is the best choice for people.