China DN15-DN600 Steel Pipe & Fittings Varieties


CANGZHOU SHENGTAI PIPELINE CO.,LTD is focus on making carbon & stainless steel pipe,welded pipe fittings,socket pipe fittings,press pipe fittings and so. Also we have provided the best service and products as below:

1. Seamless steel pipe

Seamless steel pipe is an economic section steel, which plays an important role in the national economy. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, boiler, power station, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing, automobile, aviation, aerospace, energy, geology, construction, and military. each department.Generally speaking,seamless steel tube production process can be divided into cold drawing and hot rolling. The production process of cold rolled seamless steel tubes is generally more complicated than hot rolling.

P. S Weight formula of the seamless steel pipe


seamless steel pipe.jpg

2. Welded steel pipe

Welded steel pipe refers to a pipe with a weld on the surface, which is lower in cost and higher in production efficiency than seamless steel pipe. According to the shape of the electrode, it is mainly divided into straight seam welded pipe and spiral welded pipe. We mainly product ERW Steel Pipes,DSAW Steel Pipes,SAW Steel Pipe,Spiral Welded Pipe,SSAW Steel Pipe.

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3. Welded pipe fittings

Welded pipe fittings refer to the pipe fitting that is connected to the pipe by welding. Including elbows, flanges, three links, reducers, caps and other products.

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4. Socket pipe fittings

The socket fittings are mainly used in departments and fields that require high pressure, precise dimensions, such as petrochemical, medicine and health, power, aerospace, military, firefighting, metallurgy, shipbuilding, gas, nuclear power, and environmental protection.

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5. Press pipe fittings

The principle of the press-fitting pipe fittings is to insert the thin-walled stainless steel pipe into the socket of the press-fitting pipe fitting, and the stainless steel pipe is stuck in the pipe fitting with a special pressing tool. The cross-sectional shape of the press-fitting part is hexagonal, and the stainless steel pipe is added There are O-ring seals between the pipes to make them leak-proof, anti-pull, anti-vibration and high-pressure resistant. It is therefore a relatively advanced connector in drinking water systems, tap water systems, heating systems, steam systems, industrial tubing systems, and industrial gas train systems. Suitable for water, oil, gas and other pipeline connections.

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