The difference between bend and elbow


The basic difference between bend and elbow:With the same caliber,bend is longer than elbow.

The radius of bend is more then 2 diameters,while the radios of elbow is 1-2 diameter. In the production process, the elbow can be made directly with a bender, once formed and without secondary corrosion, but the elbow requires manufacturers to customize, need to do anti-corrosion, and long ordering period.The elbow price is lower than the elbow, but the cost is much lower than the elbow. If the elbow without antiseptic treatment is easily damaged. Despite this, because of the low price, it is still used in some projects that are not very demanding.

pipe bend.jpg

Both bend and elbow in the open area will be OK, only consider the cost, the bend can be cold bending, the elbow need to enthusiasm, of course, the elbow cost higher than bend.Sometimes the elbow must be used in a narrow section, such as a stone section pipe trench, because the radius of curvature of the elbow is small, generally 6D, while the bend is 40D. Construction site construction site, the use of elbows or bends, not only to consider the quality of the elbow and elbow, but also consider the environment used in the construction site.

carbon steel elbow.jpg