Storage and carry of stainless steel thin wall water supply pipe and fittings


thin wall stainless steel pipe.jpg1.The thin wall stainless steel pipe should be packed and stored in a dry and clean environment free of corrosive gases. Avoid clutter mixed with other materials.

2.Pipe and fittings should be handle with care and in alignment during storage. It can’t be crash by sharp object and can’t throw, drop, drag, press. It should be prevented touch of corrosive medium and dirt on construction site.

3.Pipes and fittings are thin walls. Please avoid rude work, which may cause defects. Especially be careful don't trample on the scene.

4.Please take protective measures when store at construction site. Avoid contact with soil, gravel, iron, etc., to avoid rust.

5.Please wipe it as soon as possible, when the stainless steel pipe and fittings are stained with oil. Especially the U - shaped inner of pipe end and pipe fitting rubber sealing ring.

6.We store pipes, pipes of different specifications should be piled up separately and marked.

7. When pipe fittings are transported, they should be stacked in boxes layer by layer and fixed firmly, and should be covered to avoid rain and other pollution.