Product overview of flexible reinforced thermoplastic pipe


Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes (RTP)Flexible reinforced thermoplastic pipe is referred to as "RTP pipe" for short, which is a kind of flexible, long distance, high pressure resistant enhanced green environmental protection pipe. RTP pipe is a kind of high pressure plastic composite pipe. RTP tubes are usually made up of three layers on land and in shallow seas. The inner and outer layers are made of PE80 and PE100 materials, and the middle layer is a reinforcing belt made of reinforcing materials. Reinforcement materials can be polyester fiber, aramid fiber or steel wire etc. The RTP pipeline used in the deep sea usually consists of many layers of material. (In addition to bear the internal pressure but also bear the external pressure and other load.)

The RTP pipe has realized the reel packaging, transportation and construction of large and medium diameter high-pressure pipe. The length of each roll varies from 200 to 2000 meters. Compared with the previous medium and large diameter pipe 6~9 meters straight pipe supply, not only reduce the transportation cost, more important is to make the connection between the pipe and the pipe joint greatly reduced, reliability greatly improved, and the construction speed has been increased by dozens of times, transportation and construction costs reduced by about 70%. Therefore, RTP pipe has been successfully used in many foreign oil and gas transportation fields.