What advantage does stainless steel conduit have on technology?


1. The clamping type connection technology for stainless steel water pipe connection has obtained many national patents. Discard the disadvantages of the traditional connection mode, making the construction convenient and fast, reliable and safe connection.

2. Sealing performance greatly improved, working pressure up to 2.5MP (The tap water pressure is only 0.3 ~ 0.6MP). Maintenance free for life.

What advantage does stainless steel conduit have on technology

3. Advanced mechanical pressure closure technology allows several millimeters of expansion in each connection. Therefore, it can completely eliminate the hidden trouble of the joint torn by the hot expansion and cold contraction of the water pipe connected by thread, welding and cementing pipe. It can be safely used in the environment of -40℃ ~ 120℃ which the temperature difference reached 160℃.