How to prevent corrosion during the installation and construction of stainless steel water pipes?


The corrosion resistance of stainless steel is relative and conditional. Corrosion of stainless steel also occurs under adverse factors and conditions. For example, 304 stainless steel plate, in the dry and clean atmosphere, has good corrosion resistance. But move it to sea fog, which contains a lot of salt, and it will rust quickly. The corrosion of stainless steel pipe fittings is greatly affected by using environment.

1. In the installation should try to maintain a clean and dry good environment, to avoid water vapor gathering, which is very important to prolong the service life.

2. In the process of installation and construction, avoid residual grinding wheel cutting foam, welding oxide and carbon steel powder layer and other corrosive media in the stainless steel tube. Minimize the damage to stainless steel metal structure caused by grinding wheel cutting and avoid various corrosion.

3. Buildings in cities will inevitably be disturbed by stray currents generated by power lines, communication lines, electrified railways, dc motors, etc. Therefore, for regional buildings with large stray currents, such as substations, radar stations and signal transmitting stations around them, insulation treatment should be considered as far as possible during pipe fitting installation to avoid current corrosion caused by current loops. The following measures can be taken to prevent current corrosion:

◆ Avoid or reduce stray current interference sources as far as possible during pipeline installation.

◆ Minimize contact between stainless steel fittings and other metals, and insulate the two metals from each other as far as possible if connection is required.

◆ During installation, avoid contact between pipes and pipes to produce stray current corrosion again.

◆ For buildings with stray current, electric insulation treatment can be taken at a certain distance when the pipeline is installed, and the circulating route of stray current can be cut off by connecting or installing insulation flanges.

It is important to prevent corrosion of stainless steel, but electrochemical corrosion can not be ignored. Once corrosion is caused, it will bring different degrees of trouble and influence to the production enterprises, construction parties and project units. Therefore, we hope that more people understand the characteristics of stainless steel, is willing to provide more experience for the use and installation of stainless steel water supply pipe, improve the safety of thin-wall stainless steel water supply pipe production and use, prolong the service life of stainless steel water supply pipe.