Characteristics of grooved pipe fittings


1. Fast installation speed.

Grooved pipe fittings only need to be installed with the standard fittings supplied, and no subsequent work such as welding and galvanizing is required. Therefore, the installation speed is significantly faster than thread connection and flange connection. And through the clamp fittings can realize the pipeline automatic centering, construction efficiency can be greatly improved, can effectively shorten the pipeline installation period.

Grooved pipe fittings123

2. Safe and reliable.

On the one hand, the grooving machine and hole opener used in the installation process are the supporting special tools provided by the manufacturer, which can ensure the machining accuracy of the pipe end groove. On the other hand, the sealing ring in the inner cavity of the clamp plays the role of grasping the pipe to achieve self-tight sealing. The greater the internal pressure, the better the sealing. Nominal pressure of pipe fittings can be up to 2.5mpa.

3. Easy to install.

The number of bolts to be fastened for grooved pipe fittings is small and the operation is convenient. Disassembly and assembly only need a wrench, workers do not need special operation technology, training can be on guard.

4. Economic.

Grooved clamp connections do not damage the galvanizing layer and the pipes do not require secondary installation, galvanizing and handling. So installation costs have dropped dramatically. Its installation speed is fast, can shorten the construction period, make the project put into use in advance, create economic benefits in advance.

5. Environmental

Piping and installation of grooved pipe fittings, no welding, no open fire operation. So there is no welding slag pollution, does not destroy the galvanized layer inside and outside the pipe, it will not pollute the site and the surrounding environment, and is conducive to fire prevention. There is gap between pipes in grooved connections, so it reduced transmission of noise and vibration.

6. Not limited by installation site, convenient maintenance.

Grooved pipe fittings can be pre-assembled, and can be adjusted arbitrarily before bolt locking. The piping sequence has no direction, and can be operated in a relatively narrow working space and place. Only two joints need to be removed during maintenance to be cleaned and replaced.