The severity of pollution


1. Galvanized pipe corroded soluble in water carcinogens: trihalomethane THM's and haloacetic acid (HAAS) organic pollutants. ------ In 1997, the state issued a document banning its application.

Galvanized pipe

2. Copper pipe corrosion will be harmful substances: copper carbonate (copper green) CuCO3.Cu(OH)2, generally used as insecticide. The harmful substance has a strong stimulating effect on the intestinal tract, which can trigger vomiting reflexively, or cause diarrhea, fatigue, liver cirrhosis, hemolysis and other diseases. ------ (from Ci Hai, p. 1711, 1646)

In addition: nowadays, many copper joints of aluminum-plastic composite pipes are made of non-59 copper materials, which are miscellaneous copper pipes with low copper content of zinc and lead exceeding the standard seriously, and are more harmful to the health of the body. Zinc, lead and other harmful substances react with water in the air, resulting in a salt-like white powder and black pipe fittings (corrosion is easy to cause sand holes to leak).

Copper pipe

3. Environmental hormones in plastic materials are plasticizers in hard plastics: (1) Bisphenol A: causes A chemical reaction of female hormones, causing abnormal proliferation of breast cancer cells; ⑵ Phthalate (DEHP.BBP.DBP) : toxic to testis and cause abnormal proliferation of liver cancer cells; Polystyrene: causes the increase of hormones in women. (4) Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) : is an important member of environmental hormones, and causes dioxins after combustion. ------ The Time Bomb that threatens Mankind: Environmental Hormone. Haitian Publishing House.

plastic pipes

4. Among the series of plastic pipes composition: the plasticizer, masterbatch, light agent, flame retardants, and other, such as in order to reduce the cost and choose of lead, zinc and other harmful material exceeds bid badly materials, rushed in and water to clean the pests by precipitation, and chemicals dissolved in the water with benzene, phenol and lipids, as well as solvent was sucked into the body.