How to polish stainless steel elbow?


stainless steel elbowStainless steel elbow polishing has the following ways:

1. Mechanical polishing. Mechanical polishing is divided into rough polishing and fine polishing. Rough polishing is carried out with duffel on an electric polishing disc with a rotation speed of 200-300 RPM.

2. Chemical polishing. Chemical polishing is to let raw materials in the chemical medium, the surface layer of microscopic convex part of the concave part of the priority to dissolve out, so as to achieve smooth surface. The main characteristic of this method is that it does not need more complex equipment, but also can polish the workpiece with complex shape, and can also polish many workpiece at the same time, with high working efficiency.

3. Electrolytic Polishing. The metal ions separated from the workpiece and phosphoric acid in the polishing solution form a phosphate film adsorbed on the surface layer of the workpiece. This mucous membrane is thinner in the bulge and thicker in the concave. Due to the high current density at the bulge, it dissolves quickly. With the flow of mucous membrane, the concave and convex changes constantly, and the rough surface layer is gradually leveled.