Advantages of stainless steel grooved fitting connections


Advantages of stainless steel grooved fitting connections

1. Simple connection of grooved pipe fittings.

The connection operation of stainless steel grooved pipe fittings is very simple, without special professional skills, ordinary workers can operate after simple training. This is because the product has incorporated a lot of fine technical parts into the finished product in a factory way.

The pipe connection takes only a few minutes. It simplifies the technical difficulty of field operation and saves man-hours. Thus, the project quality is stabilized and the work efficiency is improved. This is also the general direction of installation technology development.

However, the traditional welding and flanged pipe connection method not only requires welding workers with corresponding skills, but also takes time, the operation of workers is difficult, and there is welding smoke pollution. Due to the difference in operating space and welding skills, welding quality and appearance are difficult to achieve satisfactory results, thus affecting the overall quality of the project. In addition, because the trench pipe fittings are finished products, the operation space required by the site is small, and the installation can be really achieved against the wall and corner, which greatly reduces the difficulty of operation, thus saving the floor area and beautifying the effect of pipeline installation.

2. No secondary treatment is required for grooved fittings.

Connections of stainless steel grooved fittings, only a groove is extruded out of the outer surface of the connected pipe by the groove rolling machine without damaging the inner wall structure of the pipe, this is a technical advantage unique to grooved fitting connections. If conventional welding is used, many pipes with corrosion-resistant lining will be damaged. Therefore, the specification provides galvanized pipes, lined plastic steel pipes, steel-plastic composite pipes, etc., shall not use welding and flange connection, otherwise the need for secondary processing.

3. Grooved pipe fittings connection construction safety.

With the connection technology of groove pipe fittings, only cutting machine, groove rolling machine and wrench used for buttoning bolts are needed on site, and the construction organization is convenient. Welding and flanged connections require complex power cables, cutting machines, welding machines and oxygen and acetylene cylinders. This brings complexity to the construction organization, and there are potential dangers of electricity leakage and fire. At the same time, welding slag generated by welding and gas cutting will inevitably fall into the pipeline, which is easy to cause blockage of pipeline valves and even equipment, and also pollute the water quality in the pipeline.

In addition, welding and flange connection inevitably requires a long time of high-intensity work at height, which is also prone to production safety accidents.

4. The groove pipe fittings are easy to maintain.

Stainless steel grooved pipe fittings have unique flexible characteristics, so that the pipeline has anti-vibration, anti-shrinkage and expansion functions. Compared to welded and flanged connections, the piping system provides increased stability and is more suitable for temperature changes, thus protecting the piping valves and reducing the damage of the piping stress to the structural parts. Due to the simple operation of connecting groove fittings, the operation space required is smaller, which brings many convenient conditions for future maintenance. When the pipeline needs maintenance and replacement, just loosen the two clamp can be arbitrarily replaced, rotated, modified a section of the pipeline. There is no need to destroy the surrounding walls, reducing the maintenance time and maintenance costs.