What's the difference between M and V profile fittings?


The molding of stainless steel press fittings is a relatively complex production process. Need to be welded according to the different use and material of the product. The molding of stainless steel press fittings needs to be carried out in accordance with certain procedures. Molding needs to be gradually formed under a certain pressure. The corresponding process needs to be strictly followed in the process, otherwise the produced stainless steel clamping pipe fittings may have certain quality problems. And in the press fittings, what is the M profile press fittings? What is V profile press fittings? What were the differences between them?

What's the difference between M and V profile fittings

V profile press fittings

Using the effective rigidity of metal materials and the elastic compression ratio principle of sealing materials, while making full use of the length of the joint, in the u-shaped groove of the joint on both sides of the clamp connected pipeline is called double clamping type. V profile press fittings system is one of the most reasonable, safe and reliable connection methods of thin-wall metal pipe in China. It is widely used in direct drinking water, tap water, hot and cold water, heating, gas, fire sprinkler and many other system fields. Advantages of V profile press fittings: V profile press fittings inherit all the advantages of clamp fittings.

M profile press fittings

In appearance, the M profile press fittings is a short section shorter than the V profile press fittings. Because of this small section of pipe, double-clamp fittings provide better sealing than single-clamp fittings, even though they are installed in the same way.

The difference between M profile press fittings and V profile press fittings

The V profile press fittings is actually the improved evolution version of the M profile press fittings. The installation methods are identical. By extending the length of this short section, the inner rubber ring is protected, effectively improving the sealing between the fittings connections. The process of connection and installation of V profile press fittings and M profile press fittings is basically the same. But when we install and use, we should pay more attention to avoid errors in connection and affect our normal use.